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👾Ale🌻 slight nsfw He/Him

Right now Im just a horny mess and not in the fun way

about me :0

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i look at picture. i recognize sunkist dog. i

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As someone who officially kins Dr. Coomer I nodded sadly at this post.

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[points] same kin

Nishinoya with honey.

temporary tattoo sheet i made for me an sum friendz !!!

endergender flag

for when you ummmm

when you


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alzo i 4got2 pozt thiz. itz anothr rly simple drawin ov my sona but uhhhw juz wanted w mess w da outfit a litl more !

I really wanted to paint my keyboard keys to be colourful but I don't have paint or a keyboard shape I'm happy with so I did the next best thing- draw colin :]

done on drawing tablet in like... a few minutes tbh. I decided to both include the glasses and make them this translucent red because I thought that'd look cool- and it does!

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me literally like last week: nothing on EARTH can stop me from hornyposting on tumblr

me today: *remembers my cousin follows me* ah. well i guess one (1) thing on earth can stop me from hornyposting

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If you're an active blog as of may/June 2020 plz reblog!

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hmmm today i will rewrite the entirety of Frozen (2013)

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Elsa (anti-hero), Anna (same), Kristoff (manlet), Sven (Sven), Hans (good), Witch (replacing trolls)

No more Olaf. Miserable little pile of snowflakes.

uhhh i drew the onceler in my clothes and !!!!!!! ;w; i maybe kinda look like the onceler !!!!!!!!!!!!

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Look Gordon, a rope! We can use t

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Help me, Gordon!

i dont know WHEN but now i have this guns hell yeaaaaaahh

science team and pals pride icons!! :]
okay to use w/o credit!!

2 Months on T photo

i already miss my hair like that uugghhh

rn im 3 months on T but i looked good in this pic so hell yea

"It's only funny when I do the jokes."

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guess who finally logged out and deleted the tumblr app :^]

Scene catboy benrey real
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